Taking the High Road

Taking the high road is choosing the ethical way…the class act…the higher moral ground. Or you can take a walk on an elevated train track above the bustle of New York City! Which is exactly what we did today.

I was coming out of the fog, vaguely aware of morning, when my door cracked open. Joy poked her cheerful little head in and said, “It’s your last day here, mama. Kellen and I are going running! When we get back we’ll do whatever you want…all day!” Then they went for a four mile run while I slowly came to and wondered what on earth I wanted to do. My window framed blue sky and sunshine. I pulled it open and stuck my head out, reminding myself not to look down. Gorgeous! Instantly I knew that a walk on the High Line was the perfect activity to take advantage of the glorious day.

“The High Line rail-trail is an urban marvel, stretching 1.5 miles and towering almost 30 feet above street level through several neighborhoods in the lower west side of Manhattan,” according to TrailLink online. We walked the whole of it this afternoon. It was 60 degrees, an absolutely delightful way to end 16 days in the Big Apple.

This is what the the rail-trail used to look like. Construction around the Hudson Yards has begun with plans to extend this unfinished part of the Line and upgrade the surrounding neighborhood in the next few years.


And this is a view of the completed Line. What a change. Seeds from wild grasses that grew along this stretch of abandoned track through the city were gathered and used to create the landscaping. It feels like a stroll through a wild meadow.


The path allows spectacular vistas of the city. We meandered slowly along as I shot picture after picture, sometimes even getting Kellen to pose for one or two!


I caught him in the act of patiently waiting on bench at one of the jutting overlooks that are spaced at appropriate intervals along the way.


There is a holly bush with brilliant red berries right behind Joy and me.

Artists have utilized the sides of buildings for giant murals and sculptures nestle in the wild grasses.


Do you recognize this rendition of the classic photo showing the sailor kissing the nurse on the street?


Standing on the trail you can hardly tell that this is a portrait. I was surprised after I took it how clear and detailed it really is.


A brightly striped bust of what looks like an Asian warrior caught my eye.


And here’s another piece.

My favorite, though, was the guy raising the blinds and waving out his window to passers by. I did a double/triple take, certain at first he was a picture, then certain that he had moved, then completely uncertain about anything! Joy told me he’s been there every time she’s walked this section. I’m still not sure…


The Hudson River was visible at different points along the way. I liked this view of the arch by a pier.


What a magnificent old skyway!


I couldn’t resist a shot of this billboard. Two zebras in the snow…I have no idea what they were promoting!


And then, every so often, there are wooden loungers beside the trail. I tried one. They’re surprisingly comfortable.


And here they are, Joy and Kellen, the dynamic duo! Immediately following this photo Kellen informed me that he was done modeling for today and that I now owned the most extensive Kellen photo library on earth. I considered pleading my case then thought better of it. We have a pretty good relationship, even after two weeks of being confined to 700 square feet. I’d better not push it.


Now my visit to New York is complete. I’ve seen two plays on Broadway, eaten until I have a new roll of flesh spilling over the waistband of my jeans, ridden the subway alone, shopped for four hours straight at Macy’s, and taken the high road. What a trip! Thanks Joy and Kellen. It’s been fabulous. You’re a class act!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lottie Nevin
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 19:46:34

    What a fabulous walk and I loved following it with your running commentary and photos. A virtual tour no less! Thanks Sherry



  2. Gigi Gloria Heitkemper Cullins
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 21:37:49

    What fantastic views of lower Manhattan! It sounds like you have had a wonderful visit with Joy and Kellen. It all sounds perfect!



  3. Diane Struble
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 23:34:58

    They have added some art objects since I was there in May. I am really looking forward to the completion of the Hudson River extension. It is a great way to use an old railway and is now one of the top five destinations in the US. Thanks for the memories.



  4. pat grimsbo
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 09:39:24

    Thank you so much, Sherry, now we have taken a very scenic tour of New York City and I am not even tired !!!! Those are remarkable photos – thanks also to Joy and Kellen for sharing the wonderful two weeks with you there! Also, I am very glad that you will now be back in Minnesota and we shall be seeing you soon. Please keep in touch. . . … . Love, Mom



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