Honeymooners Pick Bali’s Best

They have had the four hour, Balinese Royal Spa Treatment at Jiwa Raga.


They have harvested sea salt, visited the bat cave temple, admired the Balinese coffee plantations where they tested Luwak (poop) coffee, hiked the Tagalalang rice terraces, fed the elephants, snorkeled the ocean floor, and strolled with monkeys.

But what grabbed them, shook them, and thrilled them beyond all else?

I met Jenny and Kennen at Napi Orti for Bintang last night and asked them, “What’s been the best part of Bali so far?” Now here’s the test of true love. They didn’t glance at each other to check in and gauge the ‘right’ thing to say. There was no hesitation. In unison they exclaimed, “The rafting and Mt. Batur!” With eyes glowing, Jenny continued, “There was a point about two-thirds of the way up the mountain when I was sweating, gripping the rocks at an almost vertical climb, in the dark, wondering if we’d make it to the top in time for the sunrise. And if we did, I hoped it would be worth the effort!”

Kennen chimed in, “We did make it, and it was amazing! The sun came up and reflected on the ocean, and Lake Batur…”

“And there was the other big mountain in the distance…Agung?” Jenny asked. I nodded. “And they fed us hard boiled eggs, bananas and coffee. The coffee was great! I brought a hoodie with me, but my legs were bare and it was cold!”

After a few more details of the successful climb followed by a therapeutic soak in the hot baths of Batur’s vocanic caldera, the conversation turned to the rafting experience.

Their descriptions of riding the tumultuous river through canyons, under waterfalls, and over rocky rapids had my heart racing. “We wore helmets and life vests, and at first we were terrified,” Jenny described the three-and-a-half hour adventure as a strenuous test of strength and stamina. Kennen described Jenny as a crazy woman. “When the raft got hung up on the rocks, Jenny would scramble to the front and heave it back and forth until it let loose!” He looked at her with a full-dimpled smile and shook his head. “And when a guy fell overboard, she grabbed him and hauled him back in.” All the scary river scenes ever filmed flashed before my eyes.

So they like Xtreme sports. That’s okay as long as they come back intact. Bali has plenty to offer in that department. In fact, Bali has plenty to offer in every department unless you’re a snowboarder. We’re a little short on snow here.

I expect soon their Facebook pages will be plastered with photos of their island honeymoon escape. The tales will be told again and again in their own words. The memories will be tucked into special mind space where magical times can be called up at a moment’s notice for reflection and remembrance. My favorite photo so far is this one of Jenny and Kennen standing in front of an ancient banyan tree, deep in the sacred Monkey Forest.


If ever there were two peas in a pod, destined to be together, it’s Jenny and Kennen. Here’s to many years of happiness…Selamat!

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  1. Lottie Nevin
    Oct 09, 2013 @ 07:48:53

    Fantastic! It sounds like they’ve had a terrific honeymoon. Happy Days!



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