Monsoon Yoga

Holy buckets of water Batman!




What do you do when the house is clean, you’ve already written the great American novel (unpublished as yet…a minor detail), the laundry’s done, and rain is thundering down? Build an ark? I could, but that’s kind of stealing someone else’s idea.

First I slept in. My phone said 9:18 a.m. when I peeled back the mosquito net and rubbed the sleepy dust out of my eyes.

Then I made a boiling mug of Nescafe, mmmm, drank it on the yoga platform contemplating the sheets of water cascading from the roof.

Then I made another boiling mug of Nescafe.


Serious rain. This calls for Leonard Cohen and incense. I found Leonard in iTunes and lighted the sweet, tangy dupa. Ahhh, the perfect environment for monsoon yoga! If you’ve never practiced yoga two feet from cascading sheets of water with the inimitable Leonard’s dark, scratchy voice just barely audible above the downpour, I can tell you, it creates a rather rare and wild mood! Truly delicious!


King Dancer in the rain

Here’s a glimpse of my world. Who took the photo? I had 10 seconds to position the camera, hit the button, and strike the pose. So for you perfectionist Iyengar yogis out there, cut me a little slack if my form isn’t perfect!

I wish I could put into words the exquisite thrill of this morning. I’ve always liked the rain, but here I’ve grown to love it. When water forms a solid wall of sound, and the wind brings a dewy film of moisture to my skin, a shiver of excitement vibrates through me.  It is as though the rest of the world disappears. I have shelter, and music, and the day is mine to explore uninterrupted. Does that make sense?

Oh! Gotta go! Leonard’s singing  Nightingale and I have to join in. It’s like singing in the shower. There are some things you can do better during rainy season. Belting out a song at the top of your lungs is one of them. And I’m told a lot of Balinese babies are made in January. The communal lifestyle where everyone hears everything puts a bit of a damper on some activities, until it rains!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sageblessings
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 23:42:26

    Tried to post a response. WP always makes me sign in and I rarely recall my info so can’t do. Ugh. ANYHOW would love to be able to get into even part of that pose! With all the energies you describe, I can see why babies come to be. I love Leonard Cohen -am a late follower. Sexy music….at least the one I listen to all the time. No idea if you’ll get this.



  2. Lottie Nevin
    Jan 14, 2014 @ 01:24:39

    Well well well, I’m absolutely intrigued about the frenetic love-making that you say goes on in January – another amazing Balinese factoid! LOVE this picture of you, Sherry – so elegant, beauuuuu-tiful. Enjoy the tropical rain – we’ve got rain here but it’s cold, grey and miserable. Roll on Spring time!



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