MAGICAL THINKING — Game of Thrones Style

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I watch Game of Thrones. Didn’t want to. Heard it was gory and violent. But I happened to see the first episode about a year ago. That was all it took. I was hooked.

I’ve tried to figure out what captivates me. Why the fascination with White Walkers, Wildings, the nasty Lannisters (except for Tirian), and beautiful Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons? Speaking of…wouldn’t it be great to have a couple of flying, fire-breathing beasts to call upon when you needed to make a point? Even a smallish one would serve the purpose if it could burp a little flame. She wouldn’t even have to fly.

None of the main characters in Game of Thrones do battle alone. Queen Cersie has an army, the Iron Islands have ships, John Snow, King of The North, has Wildlings, and Daenarys has her dragons not to mention thousands of savagely loveable Dothraki warriors.  

I usually don’t feel sorry for myself, but one day recently I got to thinking. When the chips are down, I’m really all I have. It’s not that others don’t want to help but my battles are with inner demons, and beyond lending a sympathetic ear (which is a comfort), there’s not much anyone can do.

As my mind meandered down that trail, one thing led to another.

I thought about fairy tales, white knights, genies and the like. How waiting for something else to be the answer is pretending I’m helpless. It’s casting myself into the role of victim, a part for which I’m extremely ill-suited, thank you very much. So I made a list of all the things that wouldn’t be showing up to help me and suddenly, with a little massaging, a poem emerged.


No white knight is riding to your rescue
Your kiss won’t make a prince of a warty toad
There are no magic potions to heal the heartache
No magic words or wands to smooth the road

No genie will appear when you rub the lantern
To grant your wish or bestow on you three more
The golden coach that should have come at midnight
Is a pumpkin in the field just like before

Good luck with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Ali Baba’s thieves stole it years ago
And forget the sound of Santa on your rooftop
Rumor has it he’s gone south – can’t stand the snow

There’s only one thing sure you can depend on
In this crazy world of​ caustic disarray​ ​
Your own brave heart in bold determination
Will illuminate the path and clear the way


This poem reminds me that I am the answer I’ve been waiting for.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    May 06, 2019 @ 22:49:46

    Sherry! What a stellar poem for all us ‘solo’ gals out there that forge our way thru, usually with determination and grace and then… fall off the edge. Your poem is a boost from the heart. Thank you for the gift!!

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  2. Anonymous
    May 07, 2019 @ 00:48:17

    That as lovely, Sherry. Well said. 🙂

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  3. Diane Struble
    May 07, 2019 @ 13:54:37

    I love your poem. The imagery is so much fun. The moral of the writing is right on, but I appreciate the whimsy as well.

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  4. judybali
    May 07, 2019 @ 21:46:09

    I loved it Sherry. Self reliance is the key!

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  5. Nan
    May 09, 2019 @ 03:54:39

    Clever poem, Sherry! I’m the odd one out – as I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. Even still, I enjoyed your peom!

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  6. shanemac
    May 10, 2019 @ 19:17:56

    Nan, I haven’t watched GOT either but based on Sherry’s recommendation and all the rave reviews I think I might give it a try.
    Sherry, I always feel stronger after reading your essays. They’re always spot on. Thank you.

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    • writingforselfdiscovery
      May 10, 2019 @ 19:39:51

      Thanks for always reading Shane. It’s weird! I never dreamed I would be recommending Game of Thrones! I’m still trying to figure out whether it was the characters, the plot, the cinematography, or what that hooked me so completely.



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