With Luck, I’ve Learned A Lesson

My last walk was ten miles through downtown San Miquel de Allende and ended with this steep climb – hundreds of steps – up to my home near the top of the mountain.

I’m feeling boundlessly grateful today for my robust immune system and the two AstraZeneca vaccines that strengthened that solid foundation. This is my seventh day of isolation. I have Covid.

At first I ‘knew’ it was ‘just a cold.’ It felt like every other cold I’ve ever had. But I quarantined myself while my daughters urged me to get tested. I sent out a request to my new friends here in San Miguel for a home test kit and one appeared. The very clear POSITIVE reading stunned me.

How could that be? It’s just a cold.

But it isn’t just. And now, seven days into the experience, I feel the difference. The coughing has passed. The fever’s gone. A raging strep-like sore throat has finally dissipated. My nose runs but the congestion was never extreme. My bronchial tubes and trachea remained clear. I had no problem breathing.

But what happened to that powerhouse of energy that used to propel me out of bed at 5:00 a.m. and keep me going like Napolean’s army until sundown and sweet sleep?

Gone without a trace.

I have no choice but to rest, which I haven’t done since leaving Bali three-and-a-half months ago. Of course, all this downtime brings with it hours upon hours to reflect on – well – seventy-two years of life, and be humbled. There were events I shouldn’t have survived physically. There were years when I could have been devastated emotionally. There were traumas that might have left unhealable wounds.

But none of that happened. Why?

As I reflect on that question, I see the faces of kindness at each fork in the road.


In the last seven days, confined at home, one after another of my new friends have messaged me,

“We’ve found a test kit. We’ll drop it by…”

“You must need groceries, Send us your list…”

“How are you feeling today? If you need anything…”

“If you need anything…”

“If you need anything…”


My daughters were relentless. They knew far more about the virus than I did and my cavalier approach brought out the mama-bear fury in each of them. I was scolded, educated, and reminded how much I was loved.

I’m a bit ashamed that I had to be knocked flat out to realize the unsustainable pace I’d set for myself. It isn’t like there weren’t gentle nudges along the way. (Falling off the pillow and conking my head, for example – not so gentle but definitely a nudge.) Then along came Covid making it physically impossible for me to push myself.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this, that’s it. Will this time be the charm? Will I accept that I’m human, elderly, and have limitations? Oooo. That’s a tough one. I guess time will tell.

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  1. Monica Broechin
    Jan 30, 2022 @ 02:43:17

    Get well soon-!!! I so enjoy your posts- yes it sucks getting old an realizing our limitations. I too traveled the world- had way too many close calls and am now contemplating selling my beautiful horses that are going to waste in the pasture. Even though I am a very good rider and trainer, I somehow cannot get past the fear my 70th birthday is bringing me-damn- I have a 16 year old looking for the perfect horse to spoil so it may be my answer. If you love them-let them go right- I too loved expat life and yearn for that life again-lived in Europe for 21 years and the Middle East. Will I be able to let go of my ties to my son and our ranch in Texas??I am his main right hand -woman for now at least. Soooo- I live my ex-pat adventure through you. Bucket list Bali- if we get past this damn Covid!!!! Hopefully you have a speedy recovery with not too many side effects!! Blessings and good vibes coming to you!!!

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    • writingforselfdiscovery
      Jan 30, 2022 @ 03:25:23

      Ah, Monica. Letting go. The words to live by: If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you want the new, clear out the old. It’s as simple and confoundingly difficult as that. But I have just done it again, left my beautiful home in Bali, cherished belongings, and friends that had become family. How I miss them. But how I love my new adventures in San Miguel. There will always be a trade-off. Thank you for wishing me a speedy recovery. I am recovering but it is NOT speedy! I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. Take good care and good luck with hard decisions.

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  2. rickerw
    Jan 30, 2022 @ 10:17:46

    I am glad you are on the mend but wonder how you got it> Maybe that cavalier idea which has been a part of my life too. You will be very attractive and beautiful even ten or twenty years from now. I am an expert about that. Don’t worry about getting older. It is ok. Relax and enjoy it as much as possible. Saludos (I speak Spanish)

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    • writingforselfdiscovery
      Jan 31, 2022 @ 08:26:32

      I could have gotten it anywhere – traditional market, local bus, art walk, the corner store…What I didn’t know is that Omicron can pass through a regular mask. The N95 seems to be the only sure deterrent. I wasn’t wearing an N95. I have no problem with getting older – fact of life. But I cherish my good health and amazing quality of life. Thanks for your thoughts.



  3. Ellen Schafer
    Jan 30, 2022 @ 20:30:47

    So sorry to hear you contracted this wretched virus. It sounds like you might have the worst of it behind you by now (well hopefully). So pleased you were vaccinated 👍. Hope you are feeling stronger every day….go gently 💕

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  4. Lottie Nevin
    Jan 31, 2022 @ 01:13:44

    I hope that you’re back to rude health very soon, dear Sherry. Be patient with yourself! Even Superwoman needed the odd day off!! Much love to you 🥰xxx

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