Best Margaritas in Bali

I don’t have many rules about food here, but there’s one that I swear by. In Indonesia, eat Indonesian food. The same goes for France, Italy, Greece, Scandinavia, and so forth. First of all, why wouldn’t you? It’s part of the experience. Second, it’s the best way I know to avoid disappointment. When, for instance, you’re in Bali and the menu says, Chicken Gordon Bloo, here’s my advice. If it isn’t spelled right, how can you even remotely expect that it will taste right?

P1050951But tonight I broke my own rule. I met Sharon, who has been visiting in Bali for two months and admitted that she is getting a little tired of Asian food, at Taco Casa. As the name implies, Mexican food is served there. They have not a single Indonesian dish, well, I take that back. I saw black rice pudding on the dessert menu. That’s undeniably Indonesian. But dessert aside, the fare is Mexican, the kind of Mexican that we in America know and love, sour cream, black olives, and fat, juicy, jalepenos!


P1050948Not only does Taco Casa advertise great Mexican food, but Nina next door, my oracle on all things Bali, assured me that they have the best margaritas on the island. Sharon liked the sounds of that. “Let’s go!”

Four in the afternoon is a little early for dinner, but it’s perfect for a drink. Oh my! Nina was right! There’s nothing like a cool beverage in a salt rimmed glass on a hot Bali afternoon to make you feel so, so happy.

P1050954But our appetites kicked in as we watched plate after delicious plate of real-looking Mexican food float past and get delivered elsewhere. Nachos Supreme, we decided, was the combination of crunchy and spice that we were looking for.

I didn’t realize until I put the first bite in my mouth, how much I like the flavors of Mexico! Eating rice and veggies in some form or another every day, day after day, is fine. I’m okay with that. But mama mia! Did those nachos taste almighty wonderful!

Next time you’re in Ubud and you have a hankering for Mexican, or a margarita, stop at Taco Casa. It’s across from Mama Mia’s Pizza, another great alternative to Indonesian. Rules are made to be broken!


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