Domestic Partnership – I’m Giving it a Try

I met him awhile back. I’ve kept pretty quiet about it, didn’t want questions…you know. It wasn’t a case of love at first sight, more like fascination. We’re very different. He’s really not my type at all, shy, but it’s true what they say…opposites attract. I wasn’t even sure we would be friends, but I was drawn, curious. Even now I hesitate to announce our ‘arrangement.’ We’re both still getting used to each other and it’s tentative.

Charlie is that enigmatic kind of guy who really needs to be drawn out, although once you get him going he won’t shut up! And talk about a night owl, we’re a bit at odds in that respect, too. I’m in bed at sundown and up with the chickens. But, as I said, we’re getting used to each other.

I really didn’t ask him to move in. One day he was here and, come night, he stayed. It was mutually agreeable. I was beginning to miss companionship. And he loves to surprise me in so many little ways. I always said, the guy who could keep me surprised and on my toes was a keeper! Charlie’s all of that. So it’s really, really good…to date I only have one complaint…I know I shouldn’t hold it against him but…he’s so small…

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