Have you ever felt like something was trying to break through…something profound…but you just couldn’t quite…………………..
Something plays around the edgesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
of my mind.
It’s big,
like a half-remembered truth.
It darts back into the shadows
allowing hidden glimpses
of itself.
In lucid moments
I grasp at the meaning.
It eludes me,
but it’s there.
I can feel it more than see it.
I can remember it more than
know it.
It’s universal,ghandi
not just some morsel of
but grand, elegant, preposterous.
It’s a Buddha truth,
or Ghandi,
or Jesus…
it’s that big,
and that slippery.
Oh! There it goes,
sliding into the sinkhole
of forgetfulness,Stained glass Jesus
with other unremembered truths
that never quite make it
to the surface
Sherry Bronson
Buddha photograph from
Ghandi photograph from
Jesus photograph from

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