Visa Conundrum

What to do, what to do???

Option #1: I can do nothing and have a 30 day visa on arrival. Simple now, but in approximately 22 days I will need to hire a driver to take me to Denpasar, about 40 minutes away, locate the official’s office where I can renew my visa for another 30 days, give them my passport, go back to Ubud, repeat three days later and hopefully have a 30 day extension. And there is a cost which can vary depending upon any number if undisclosed possibilities!   


Option #2: I can get 2 passport photos, a letter verifying employment in the USA, proof of financial capability to be in Bali, proof of place to stay in Bali, proof that I have already purchased my airfare to AND from Bali, and two copies of the application form. Did I forget anything? Then submit that to the Indonesian Consulate with my check for $45 and have a 60 day visa to accompany me when I go, that is IF they approve me for 60 days.

I’ve decided to try Option #2. It’s much more comfortable to assemble the required documents in the comfort of my own home with access to whatever I need if indeed I HAVE overlooked something essential. Very soon I will be with my distant relatives in the heart of Ubud…I miss them !

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