Owning the Dream

Ubud is a little below and to right of center

I bought my tickets. For months I’ve been watching fares from Minneapolis to Bali. I knew I would buy tickets at some point but I went to great lengths to research fares, airlines, alternative airports, until I was convinced that I had the right combination at the right price. But the moment of truth came when I pulled out my credit card, entered the information and hit BUY. That single act moved me from dream-state to reality. It went a lot like this…

For many months I have been dreaming about having vast amounts of spacious time to work on my novel. In another corner of my brain are memory pictures of the terraced rice paddies adorning the mountainsides near Ubud. What would it be like to write in Bali? As soon as the thought formed I knew I wanted that more than just about anything else on earth. As the desire grew, I wrote daily about the possibility. Is there a way I could HAVE this? I researched online what it would require financially and I found accommodations in the area where I wanted to reside. I found a writer’s group in Ubud and began e-mailing several of the writers who attend that group. As pieces came together I could see myself very clearly living and writing in Bali for two months. At about the same time I realized that I could make this happen but it was still dreamlike. When I finally bought the tickets and put money toward my dream, it became real. The energy shift from dreaming the dream to OWNING the dream was huge, and it happened when I released money energy into the dream.

I will probably explore that fascinating concept more deeply over time. But for now, I have tickets to Bali and I own my dream!

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