A call from the Consulate

It was a normal morning at work. I was re-arranging furniture, refreshing displays, doing my daily thing when a co-worker approached me with eyes big as poached eggs holding the phone at arm’s length. “Sherry, it’s for you…” her eyes got bigger…”It’s the INDONESIAN CONSULATE!”  I took the receiver and, sure enough, it was the Indonesian Consulate calling to tell me they had approved my request for a 60 day Visa. However…don’t you love it?! However, I had not included my passport in the paperwork. I didn’t mention that a request for my passport was not included on the website list of information they required. Instead, I assured them that I would UPS it to them immediately with the return envelope and postage included.

UPS is great. I can follow my passport online and see the dates and times of every transition it made on its journey to the Consulate. It is currently “In Transit” on its way back to me. Ahh, what peace of mind when that lovely document is in my possession granting my welcome to remain in Bali for two uninterrupted months. The butterflies are multiplying in my solar plexus and my face wears a perpetual grin.

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