See-through Teddies and Frothy Negligees

My downstairs neighbor messaged me: The rat guys are here.

It was early but I was dressed, unlike yesterday when the gas guy came at 7:30 and needed pliers to get the cap off the old tank. I did his bidding in my pj’s. Fortunately, the days of see-through teddies and frothy negligees are over.

American Eagle tee and comfy sleep pants

The rat guys weren’t expected today. They were here Monday and again yesterday. It was my understanding they’d return in a week to check progress. I shouldn’t have been surprised, though. I’ve learned the secret to getting more help than I’d ever want. It’s the Balinese Apology and I’ve perfected it.

Basically, it’s just being polite times one-hundred. And being polite times one-hundred in the Indonesian language works like a bit of Hogwarts’ wizardry. Mohon maafkan saya, Pak. Saya tidak mau mengganggu Anda tapi saya ada sedikit masala disini. I beg your forgiveness, Sir, I don’t want to disturb you but I have a little problem here.

What that’s gotten me with the rat guys is over-the-top service.

I went down, greeted them, and got the scoop. They were back because it appeared the problem was more widespread than they’d originally thought. They wanted to spray tracking oil (poison?) in the gardens and around the perimeter of the house. I asked if they needed help. They looked amused.

The spraying finished, I sent them off on their motorbike with thank you’s and smiles and went back to prepping a pumpkin for the most delicious soup on the planet. I’d begged the recipe from a friend who owned a restaurant in Penestanan. It was always on the menu as Aunt Jeffry’s Spicy Pumpkin Soup and I loved it.

I’d just turned on the burner under the cubed pumpkin when my phone dinged.

The rat guys are here.

What? Again?

I hurried downstairs. Selamat siang. Apakah Anda tahu orang orang Anda sudah datang pagi ini? They said they knew their team had already been here but they wanted to install a CCV camera in the attic to watch where the critters (my word) were getting in.

Anda menonton saya juga?

They laughed. “No Ibu. We will not watch you. We watch only the tikus.”

I told them I hadn’t ordered a surveillance camera but they assured me it was included in the price and all they needed was an electrical outlet and my wi-fi password. It was 2:30 in the afternoon when the drama ended. I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch.

I re-started the burner under the pumpkin, sauteed onion, garlic, chili and almonds (mystery ingredient) and assembled the blender. My belly button was hugging my backbone by the time the soup was ready.

Delicious. I ate like I hadn’t seen food for months.

It was a huge batch. Most of it will be tucked in the freezer for a rainy day which this afternoon turned out to be. The sky blackened and wet-earth smell told me a storm was coming. I hurried to the garden to compost the pumpkin skins and got back inside just as wind whipped rain against the windows so hard it sounded like hail.

I took a video. Well, let’s say I thought I had taken a video. When I downloaded it I saw I’d completely missed the storm and only captured my feet. But you do get a flash of the landscape and a bit of sound. That will have to do until next time.

Mohon maafkan saya!

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  1. Wendy
    Apr 19, 2020 @ 10:35:05

    I’m enjoying hearing your tales of physical distancing in Bali. I am in Lodtundah and like you have rat critters I am dealing with.
    Could you share the name and WA of your “rat guy”?
    Stay well and enjoy the peace and quiet of Ubud!



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