Trump was necessary – my parting thoughts…

As painful as they’ve been, Trump’s past four years were necessary.

He didn’t drain the swamp, he exemplified it, militarized it, and championed it.

He didn’t build the wall between us and our neighbors to the south, he built a wall between ourselves.

He didn’t lock her up, he unlocked racism and rage, violence and fear.

He didn’t make America great again, he made the world aware of how greatly we need a Truly Great America.

Now, ‘We the people’ have spoken…

‘We the people’ have triumphed…

And ‘We the people’ have a monumental mess to clean up.

The blinders are off – we can see all that’s broken.

We know deep inside it had to be like this,

and we’re grateful…


so grateful.

Musings post election, by: Sherry Bronson

Image credit USA Today

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